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You  are a digital printer...

... and you want to get the best out of your digital press by improving its profitability, by diversifying the types of substrates and printed applications and by increasing the variable data printing?

Just connect to the d2b network

The Antalis d2b network brings together a network of advertisers, brand owners, publishers and companies like yours. By connecting to the d2b network, you will share experience and you will capture new ideas for new business opportunities.


Antalis digital media range dedicated to your digital press

Antalis has made a selection of media that are specifically dedicated to your digital press model. It means that for all media you get the certification or compatibility information you need in order to get trouble free printing.

D2B tools

Antalis d2b will help you get new business opportunities

  •  Demonstrate the digital printing quality to your customers
  •  Demonstrate the innovative applications made possible by digital printing
  •  Use the Antalis tools to show the variety of the digital media range
  • Digital printing quality

    To get the best out of your digital press, the  Antalis d2b media range gives you a large choice of media adapted to your press’ technology (liquid toner or toner).

    Antalis has also been working very closely with paper manufacturers so that you can refer to  Print Guides  to optimize your printing process.

    Antalis has also been working very closely with digital presses’ manufacturers so that some  Printed Samples showing what can be done with special effect inks can be used to show the perfect match between the technical capabilities of your press and the Antalis media.

  • Innovative  Digital Applications

    Digital Printing is much more than short run printing. This is an exciting world of new technical capabilities and innovative applications in which you are becoming a real Print Service Provider. 

    By being connected to all members of the digital printing’s eco-system, Antalis gives you the opportunity to get concrete examples of successful cross-media direct marketing campaigns for which the return on investment has been significantly higher (+34%*) compared to the return rate of a standard direct marketing campaign.

    By sharing examples of variable data printing and versioning, you will get new ideas to differentiate your offer from your competitors’.

    *Source : Infotrends

  • Variety of the Antalis digital media range

    The Antalis d2b media range is made up of a vast choice of coated, uncoated, creative papers and specialities. Each one of these 4 product categories also includes different types of grades that allow Digital Printers to get access to all kinds of media.

    - Coated Papers for HP Indigo and toner digital presses: Digigreen Gloss & Silk is the premium digital paper 100% green, 100% digital; some specific standard grades are also available in the appropriate digital formats.

    - Uncoated Papers for HP Indigo and toner digital presses: Image Indigo for HP Indigo and Image Digicolor for colour laser machines are the dedicated uncoated qualities offering a remarkable whiteness and smoothness.

    - Arjowiggins Creative Papers: Antalis is the only paper merchant offering the complete range of Arjowiggins Creative Papers for digital applications : this range includes a large choice of premium white papers, textures and colours that are fully compatible with digital technologies.

    - Specialities: adhesives, graphical boards and synthetics are also available in the Antalis digital range. Combining the uniqueness of these substrates with the latest digital printing capabilities help create outstanding printed documents of all kinds.

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  • Connect to Antalis d2b network

    Regular customer events get organized by Antalis on a regular basis in all European countries where Antalis has sales offices and warehouses. These events are fantastic opportunities to to get connected to the members of the digital printing market and to the Antalis d2b (digital to business) network: communication and marketing agencies, corporate and communication managers, digital presses’ manufacturers, paper manufacturers…

    These events allow you to get new ideas of marketing campaigns, share expertise, get new market trends and new contacts.

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Digigreen Digigreen

Prémiový natieraný papier, projektovaný pre digitálne aplikácie


Digigreen prináša optimálnu účinnosť pri všetkých farebných a čiernobielych technológiách s použitím tekutého alebo suchého tonera.

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Image DigiColor

Prémiový nenatieraný papier do farebných laserových tlačiarní


Výnimočná hladkosť a belosť papierov Image Digicolor zabezpečí pôsobivú kvalitu laserovej tlače, pre všetky vaše farebné dokumenty.

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Kreatívne digitálne papiere

Pre vaše digitálne aplikácie


Kreatívne papiere spoločnosti Antalis zahrňujú pozoruhodný sortiment produktov určených pre stroje HP Indigo a sortiment suchých tonerov.

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Great solutions for great ideas


Výber produktov zostavený našimi odborníkmi na veľkoplošné tlačové aplikácie. Jedná sa o vysoko kvalitný, konkurencieschopný a trvalo udržateľný rad produktov.

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