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You  are a Sign and Display Manufacturer

Do you want to connect to the Antalis d2b network and capture new business opportunities?

Just connect to the d2b network

With d2b, Antalis is bringing together an amazing network of Large format press manufacturers, media manufacturers, communication  and advertising agencies and companies like yours. d2b is a fantastic way of sharing expertise, experience and of capturing new ideas for new business opportunities. By connecting to d2b, you will discover new Large Format Printing materials and applications  that will allow you to stand out of the crowd.


Antalis Large Format media range for all your applications

Antalis has the widest selection of solutions, tailored for your printers and suitable for all your creative applications. You can work in confidence with our proven solutions getting the certification or compatibility information you need in order to get trouble free printing.



Antalis d2b will help you get new business opportunities:

  •  Demonstrate the creative potential of Large Format Printing to your customers.
  •  Demonstrate the most innovative applications made possible by Large Format printing.
  •  Use the Antalis tools to show the variety of the digital media range.
  • Innovative digital applications

    Large Format Printing is much more than Paper posters and stickers. This is an exciting world of new technical capabilities and innovative applications in which you are becoming a real Print Service Provider.

    By being connected to all members of the digital printing’s eco-system, Antalis gives you the opportunity to get concrete examples of new applications in interior decoration, outdoor advertising, point of sale or car personalization.

  • Variety of the Antalis Large Format Media range

    In the Antalis range you will find all the rigid or flexible media to print on, the finishing accessories to convert your printed graphics and the display solutions to apply and mount them.

  • Connect to the Antalis d2b network

    Regular customer events get organized by Antalis on a regular basis in all European countries where Antalis has sales offices and warehouses. These events are fantastic opportunities to get connected to the members of the digital printing market and to the Antalis d2b (digital to business) network: communication and marketing agencies, printers, digital presses’ manufacturers, paper manufacturers…

    These events allow  you to get new ideas of marketing campaigns, share expertise, get new market trends and new contacts.

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