Zmluvné logistické služby

Každá objednávka produktov tlačovej komunikácie vám poskytuje prístup k zmluvným záväzkom pri malých objednávkach, logistickým poplatkom a možnosti vrátenia produktov v pôvodnom obale.


Small order service

With the small order service, even goods orders (for which the daily amount is less than €200) are accepted and honoured for a €35 fee. (This threshold is assessed by adding together all orders placed on the same day and for the same delivery point)

(Threshold and fee available in France)

Transport fee

Some additional fee are added to the amount of your order to cover transportation fee including motorway taxes and fuel surcharge

Goods return service

With the goods return service, you can make a mistake in your order (reference, volume, etc.) or in estimating your needs. This service applies everywhere in the country and for 30 days from the date of your initial order. It concerns the goods in stock in the general catalogue, always packaged in their original packaging, unused and in good condition. This service includes a base fee of €70 up to 100kg of returned goods, plus a cost of €0.58 per additional kg.

(Fee available in France)

Do you want to save money and avoid the costs
of using the small order service?

Group orders

Group your most predictable purchases together and save your organisation time and money: Fewer orders placed, fewer receptions and fewer invoices processed.

Plan orders ahead

Planning your purchases over a longer period to allow you to slightly increase your order basket and avoid running out of stock.

Consolidate orders

The Antalis catalogue has more than 12,000 references, so do not hesitate to talk to us for all your requests. Standardising your purchases and reducing the number of your suppliers will help make you more efficient.


The small order service

Frequently asked questions about the small order service

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