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Greeting cards are crucial to celebrate the important moments of life: weddings, birthdays, birth announcements, celebrations…. But they are much more than that……They are an expression of a person who wants to invite, to thank, to surprise, to connect !

Greeting cards are crucial to celebrate the important moments of life: weddings, birthdays, birth announcements, celebrations…. But they are much more than that……They are an expression of a person who wants to invite, to thank, to surprise, to connect !


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Products for Printed Communication

The paper selected for a greeting card and its creative design will help express who the person is.

With Antalis, an inspiring range of creative papers is available: premium coulours, textures, finishes…


Sophistication and refinement can be perceived just by looking at the paper !

Greeting cards can have a very elegant and sophisticated touch. The subtle texture of Conqueror is the best choice. Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton is the go-to paper for upscale greeting cards or for the use of the letterpress technique. Conqueror is also available in a wide variety of finishes and a large pallet of whites and off-whites.

With greeting cards, the audience's senses can also be surprised !

It can be done through a unique touch & feel, a subtle visual effect or a special colour. The Curious Collection range of creative papers pushes the boundaries in every direction: colour, touch and visual effect. Six different creative possibilities can be chosen: Matter, Metallics, Skin, Touch, Translucents and the latest innovation within the range, Curious Alchemy.

  • Curious Translucents

Should you be willing to add a touch of elegance or an additional message to your greeting card, the use of translucent papers will enhance your design and convey your message with the most subtle effect. You can also layer various shades from the clear, deep, pale or iridescent colours of the Curious Translucents for more creative options.

  • Curious Skin

In its sensual touch and matt visual effect, Curious Skin offers pleasure for the fingertips as well as the eyes and ensure greeting cards will remain pristine over use thanks to a unique anti-fingerprint treatment.

  • Curious Metallics

The natural wove surface of Curious Metallics enhance their subtle but stunning metallic shimmer with a wide variety of pastel tones that will be perfect for birth or wedding greeting cards. Digitally compatible with most dry toner press, this paper is an easy choice for any small run of greeting cards.

  • Curious Matter

With the silky texture of fine sand, Curious Matter is a beautiful contradiction whose matt surface comes in colours from muted to saturated. It will instantly trigger the recipient's senses

  • Curious Alchemy

With its weathered metal effect, greeting cards will be unique and convey an urban and masculine style.

  • Curious Touch  

Curious Touch has a distinctive, resilient feel on one side, akin to the skin of a peach.


Stand out with colours !

From pale tones to vivid red, pink, blue and greens, the Pop'Set pallet answers any colour need with the touch and finish of a smooth premium uncoated papers with a large choice of envelopes. Pop'set is also suitable with most digital print technologies, should you be willing to customize your message or if you need a small quantity.

The classic greeting cards can also reveal geometric patterns and textures, another symbol of refinement

The Rives range includes an amazing choice of patterns to match your greeting card's creative design !

  • Rives Dot: geometric texture of fine dots.
  • Rives Design: its pattern gives it a fine, mesh-like texture and a contemporary, geometric identity.
  • Rives Laid offers the classic laid pattern with its horizontal, ribbed texture.
  • Rives Shetland: the surface of Rives Shetland papers subtly evokes the texture of fine woollen fabric.

For timeless yet contemporary greeting cards, the textures from the Rives range offer a wide variety of styles, from geometrical or classical pattern to fabrics-like ones. The exclusive Dot texture will bring modernity to your communications wheres Rives Laid or Rives Tradition will help your greeting card affirm your values for authenticity





Papers and matching envelopes

The envelopes you use play an important role in making sure the recipient is attracted to the piece and encouraged to open and read it.
With our without window,  coloured or white, translucent or with a special touch, pocket or square... Antalis offers a wide variety of envelopes to inspire your greeting cards.

Cards can be personalized with digital printing

  • Greeting cards can be personalized with photos and personal messages to make the receiver feel very special.
  • Greeting cards can be even more persoanlized with special effects printed digitally.
  • White ink, raised print, foil, metallic ink, fluorescent ink are just a few examples of digitally enhanced greeting cards.